My Name is Abukari Shaibu Niendow, a social / youth worker and Founder of SEDARVP GHANA Organization, an organization which has its headquarters located in the northern region, that is Tamale to be precise.  I have been engaged in the field of humanitarian activities since 2008 when I founded SEDARVP GHANA, and a lot has been done in the field of youth and women empowerment and also community development. I actually love reading and spending time with kids.  Promoting the habit of reading among Ghanaian children, something which has given birth to our street Library which serves many children with access to basic learning materials and also offer these children the opportunity to interact with volunteers teachers, both locals and foreigners.

It is my great pleasure and honour to be the ambassador of WE AfriHug in Ghana, an impactful and life-changing project for Africa and Europe. We worked together with the team in Tamale during 2018, we empowered young people with skills and we raised the awareness about the European project Erasmus+.