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  • WE AfriHug travels to Nigeria

    Even though we did not have any plans to include Nigeria into our project, we decided to add one more country, the 7th and last country of the project. Two of our members, Marilena and Konstantinos, were selected as African Delegates; representing Ghana, to participate in the Changemakers’ Room 2018 Africa Edition which took place…

  • Participation in the Erasmus+ project “Grapes of Wrath” in Ghana

    Our team was selected to participate in the Erasmus+ project “Grapes of Wrath”, taking place 600 km north of Accra, in Tamale. The project is coordinated by Inter Alia, a Greek NGO in collaboration with NGOs from Italy, Kenya, Senegal and Ghana.

  • Training Seminar about 21st Century Skills at Tamale, 600 km. north of Accra in Ghana

    One of the skills of members of our teams is adaptability, trying to grab opportunities where is possible and trying to implement more activities, that is why we decided to extend our visit in the town of Tamale and organize another Training Seminar about Skills Needed for the 21st Century in a secondary school of…

  • Participating in Erasmus+ project “STEP Forward” in Ghana

    Erasmus+ is global. Many people believe that is a privilege only for European countries, but this is not the case anymore. WE AfriHug team was invited to participate in the European project «STEP Forward» in the framework of Erasmus+, Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth.

  • WE AfriHug Project is visiting two Universities in Ghana

    Participating and organizing 2 Training Seminars in 2 different cities in a period of 3 days? Challenge accepted and done with success! We managed to participate in a Training Seminar in the University of Ghana and then organize another one in the University of Cape Coast.

  • Engagement for a Future Vision: Participation at the 2nd Afrika Youth movement Retreat & Forum in Accra

    How does it feel like to be the only Europeans among young African activists who are trying to bring a change in Africa? Unique! This was our feeling during the 5 days of the 2nd Afrika Youth Movement Retreat & Forum which took place in Accra on 18th till 22nd of April 2018.

  • Solidarity through sports and education

    Mixed feelings of enthusiasm and fear prevailed the team of WE AfriHug, while it was ready to travel to Western Sahara. After ending the activities in Ghana, the team headed to Madrid for joining the Sahara Marathon Delegation.

  • Continuing in Western Africa

    WE AfriHug continued moving in Western Africa. Not far from Togo, the next destination was Ghana. After traveling through the busy and messy border of Aflao to Accra, the members spent one night there and the next day they traveled with the tro-tro to the rural community of Kpando.

  • Moving forward to Togo

    After a long journey from the East to the West of Africa, after passing from four countries in 24 hours, and one night in Accra, finally on the 6th of February WE AfriHug team arrived to the next destination of the project: the capital Togo, Lomé.

  • Meeting the Kyambogo University

    Once back in Wakiso after the camp in the village of Monde, WE AfriHug team started preparing the next seminar at Kyambogo University on the 30th and 31st of January.