Athens, November 5th, 2017

“The 2 Greek Volunteers back in Africa”


What happens when 4 young activists decide to unite their powers and make their passion real? In January 2018, the journey of ‘’We AfriHug’’ starts from Europe to Africa. ‘We AfriHug’ is a voluntary project of 4 volunteers from Greece and Italy. The purpose of it, is to empower the youth of African local communities through non-formal education and create connections between European and African universities through the promotion of the Erasmus+ project.

Marilena Maragkou and Konstantinos Maragkos organised H-Ug-Help Uganda Project the summer of 2016. This time, they will cooperate with MarcoValerio Battaglia and Claudia Cirilli, with whom they will share the same vision for a fairer world with the same opportunities for all.

The project starts in January 1st 2018 and will last 7 months, until  the 31st of July 2018.In this period, the activists will visit 6 different African countries ( Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, Ghana and Western Sahara). The target group of the project is high school and university students. High school students will be empowered through educational trainings, so that they will develop the ‘Skills needed for 21st Century’.  At the same time, university students will be empowered through educational trainings for the Erasmus+ project.

In an effort to activate the youth, in order to overcome their limits, We AfriHug team will carry out 3 sport milestones: climbing to the top of the African mountain Kilimanjaro, cycling in Togo and participating in the solidarity Marathon in Western Sahara.

Finally, during the project, the team will conduct interviews with employees from local organizations in Africain order to collect information for the elaboration of the academic researchand postgraduate thesis, regarding the voluntary short term actions and the impact of them in the African countries.

Even if you cannot go with them, you can support this action, by contributing in their fund raising campaign for the expenses of their project on the online page You can easily find the campaign here :–3/x/17213040.

For further information, visit the website and the Facebook page: