Nairobi, 14th January, 2018

“WE AfriHug” has successfully completed the planned actions in Tanzania. A two-day training course was conducted on 3rd and 4th of January at the University of Dar es Salaam, where “WE AfriHug” Team informed the participants about the Erasmus + program.

Specifically, on 3rd of January 40 academic staff attended, among them Deans and Directors of various Departments of the University. The audience was informed of how they could become part of the Erasmus+. The audience stated that there is a need for further training regarding international education programs due the lack of information.

On 4th of January the 250 attended students in the seminar were informed about the program and how to participate on it. Moreover, the attendants had the chance to get informed about the mobility opportunities in Europe. The students were excited because they were not informed regarding mobility opportunities and most of them are intended to apply for postgraduate studies abroad. Finally, data have been gathered regarding educational mobility and sustainable development through education, in the framework of the implementation of the research dissertation.

Afterwards, the volunteers traveled for 6 days to Kilimanjaro, aiming to climb the summit of Africa, at 5,756 meters following the Machame route. The climbing was very challenging for the team due the adverse weather conditions combined with insomnia and fatigue, forcing the volunteers to overcome their limits. The team successfully climbed until the Stella peak at 5,756 meters, promoting the loud message of unity, teamwork and strength.

The WE AfriHug team is already on the way to the next stations, Kenya and Uganda where they will conduct  training seminars in Universities and High-Schools, aiming the empowerment of the youth through education.

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