Participation in the Erasmus+ project “Grapes of Wrath” in Ghana

Our team was selected to participate in the Erasmus+ project “Grapes of Wrath”, taking place 600 km north of Accra, in Tamale. The project is coordinated by Inter Alia, a Greek NGO in collaboration with NGOs from Italy, Kenya, Senegal and Ghana.

Grapes of Wrath is a Capacity Building project in the framework of Erasmus+ for youth workers aiming to explore and deconstruct patterns of psychological and social tension between in-groups and out-groups with reference to migrant communities in the EU. We started our journey from Accra to Tamale on 8th of June, travelling almost half day to reach the North-Ghanaian city of Tamale. The main objective of the study visit in Tamale was the screening of the documentary “The Land of Milk and Honey”, which was produced by Inter Alia in the framework of the project. Apart from the screening, we had to explore not only the city of Tamale but also, study the people, the places, the enterprises and the opportunities offered.

Our host organization Sedarvp Ghana arranged our daily plan, our visits and the three screenings of the documentary. During our stay in Tamale, we had the chance to explore the city, local enterprises and initiatives of the host organization so as to get a clearer picture of Tamale and their work over there. According to the initial plan of the project, three screenings of the documentary “The Land of Milk and Honey” took place in Tamale. The first one took place at a neighbor hound in Tamale, the second one at Tamale Technical University and the last one at the Cultural Center of Tamale. More or less 30 people attended each screening, different target groups every time so as our documentary to reach various and different local people. The most interesting part after each screening was the fruitful discussion taking place. We wanted to listen to their opinions not only about the documentary but also about the topic of migration, how they perceive it, what they think about it, what they would do in case they would decide to leave Ghana and by which route. Different opinions, some agree with each other and other disagree with each other. But this is the point when you are doing a dialogue. Some of the people stated their dream to go to Europe as they think it is a continent full of opportunities for everybody and that life would be easier there for them.  Some of them they are willing to go there for studies and some of them to work. Most of them claimed that they would prefer to follow the legal route to Europe. Even though they stated that sometimes it is really difficult for them to get the visa. Their opinion changed after the Documentary, they have not perceived and thought several difficulties mentioned by African people inside the documentary. Fruitful discussions and food for thought for all the participants including also us who learnt many things during the screenings.

Apart from the three planned screenings, the team we visited local enterprises focusing on Women Empowerment, male and female football teams who are chasing their dream of becoming professional footballers, orphanages and schools. The aim of all these visits were to get a better understanding and idea of how things work in Tamale and how people behave in their everyday life.

One trip in the Northern Region of Ghana full of discussions, ideas and meeting with beautiful people. Is finally Europe the Land of Milk and Honey?