Despite the fact that Nigeria was not in the initial plan of WE AfriHug project, the team decided to include Nigeria as the 7th and last country of the project. WE AfriHug members, Konstantinos and Marilena were selected as African Delegates to participate in the Changemakers’ Room 2018 Africa Edition which took place in Lagos on 15th-22nd of July 2018.

Changemakers’ Room 2018 Africa Edition is a six day long Training Forum, gathering some of the most promising grassroots practitioners, socially active youth workers, social entrepreneurs, activists and community leaders from across Africa and Europe to identify local and international problems, ideate solutions, build long-lasting partnerships and develop international mobility projects creating interventions in response to those issues.

35 participants from Africa and Europe gathered in Lagos to work and collaborate with the aim to create projects to be implemented in the near future. On 16th of July 2016, the International Forum of the Training took place in which public figures of Nigeria participated and discussed with the Delegates. Worthy to mention that among them, there was the Honourable Segun Olulade, Member of the Lagos State House of Assembly and Mr. Emmanuel Etim, consultant of the Africa Union and candidate for the next elections in Nigeria in 2019.

From 17th till 22nd of July 2018, the practical part of the Training actually started, sessions from early in the morning till the night focusing on creating interventions and projects by identifying problems across the globe. Divided into teams according to their interests, the delegates started working hard and creating solutions on these specific problems. Apart from the development of the projects, field visits were also plan of the Training. Delegates visited Bariga Local Council Development Area where Hon. Kolade Davis Ajayi, Chairman of the LCDA integrated the team in the plans that he has for the people of Bariga. The team also visited the Lagos State Secretariat at the Ministry of Youth and Social Development where the Commissioner of Youth discussed with the delegates regarding the development of Youths in Lagos State and in Nigeria. Delegates had also the chance to meet with the Lagos Man of the year 2017, Dr. Akindele Adebola and his company Courteville Business Solutions PLC, he inspired the delegates by sharing his plan of success through the years.

WE AfriHug team was selected to participate in the Change Talk session and present to the rest of the delegates the project, its objectives and the impact so far. WE AfriHug team decided to be involved in the development of an educational project along with delegates from Nigeria, Portugal and Democratic Republic of Congo. Six days full of training, networking, discussions among Changemakers from Africa and Europe.

The activities of the team in Nigeria did not stop there, the team traveled to the city of Ibadan in order to visit the Institute of African Studies in the University of Ibadan. WE AfriHug team implemented a Training on Erasmus+ and Opportunities abroad. The team presented Erasmus+ to the Board of the Institute of African Studies early in the morning and later on to the students of the Department. The students and the academic staff expressed their interest regarding Erasmus+ and engaged the team into a fruitful discussion.