After achieving successfully the objectives of the project and after measuring the impact by the actual mobilities that took place from Uganda and Kenya to Greece, the co-founders decided to submit a proposal for the second version of the project, WE AfriHug 2019. The proposal has been made under the ESAA call for funding in collaboration with the European Commission. 

The project will be powered by the non-profit organization Youthmakers Hub, which envisions to make young people be the change they want to see in the world.

The second version of the project, WE AfriHug 2019, takes place from 1st of February 2019 until 31st of May 2019. The project aims to promote Erasmus+ and widen participation of African HEIs and CSOs. It will be implemented in Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria and Ghana and will organize Training Seminars at HEIs and CSOs. The objectives are: a) Erasmus+ opportunities promotion for African HEIs and CSOs, b) capacity building for Board members, Academic Staff, Students and Youth Workers for participation in Erasmus+ projects – Tips and guidance on submitting good proposals and c) creation of synergies between EU and AU HEIs and CSOs.

This time, WE AfriHug team joins forces with the garagErasmus Foundation and the Erasmus Mundus Association, in order to develop and implement the project with the representatives of the African countries on the ground. Our philosophy remains the same, since we keep as much as Afro-centric approach as possible by partnering with local organizations in every community we visit.

The Co-founders of WE AfriHug, EMA Greek Representative and garagErasmus “Best Erasmus Talent”, Konstantinos Maragkos and the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub expert for the education cluster, Marilena Maragkou join forces with the EMA Eastern Africa coordinator, Lina Mkoji for the Eastern African part and the EMA Country Representative for Ghana, Alberta Jonah for the Western African part.

Which are the specific objectives of WE AfriHug 2019?

1.To raise awareness about Erasmus+ and inform HEIs and CSOs about mobility and partnership opportunities

To create awareness about the Erasmus+ opportunities, in which HEIs and CSOs can participate; to provide practical information about the programme and share the personal experience of the team members in Erasmus+ mobility opportunities.

2.To guide HEIs and CSOs and to provide capacity building for successful applications

To advise and guide board members, academic staff and students of 3 HEIs and youth workers of 3 CSOs about the application processes. Also, to provide information and helpful tips and tricks that will prepare them to submit competitive and successful applications for the various Erasmus+ opportunities.

3.To create partnerships between African & European HEIs and CSOs

To bring African & European HEIs and CSOs closer, thus building a strong network and creating partnerships between them. In this way, sustainable results can be assured especially when mobility between the two continents will take place.