kostasI am currently studying sustainable tourism development, having the chance to adopt a nomadic life and live in different country each semester of my studies. I have been living/working in Austria, Denmark, Slovenia and Spain until now and my path drives me to explore more countries and continents in the future. I am a graduate of Classics from the University of Athens and i have various working experiences in different fields during the last 5 years, since it is impossible to calm down and stay at one place doing just one thing. The instability is stability for me and being multi tasking gives me energy and motivation to continue one step at a time. Foreign languages is my thing and i believe that it is not only a mean to communicate with more people across the globe but also a mean to understand better the different cultures and ways of thinking. I love traveling but i try always to leave a positive impact on the communities i visit. This is being achieved through volunteerism and activism. I am a marathon runner and i like extreme sports, like parachuting. I am interested in international development, volunteer and educational projects and i believe that even small movements can bring a change and make this world a better place. This is what we want to do.

WE AfriHug is a project born in the mind of ambitious dreamers. We want to see something changing in this world and we are here to make things happen. Education is the key.