21624243_10155000919311676_90019935_nI am a Project Manager of European Projects, having the opportunity to coordinate twelve projects within the last four years. I am a graduate of Management and Business Administration from the University of Piraeus and I hold a Master of Science in International Marketing from the University of Economics and Business in Athens. I have participated in several volunteer programs in Greece and abroad and I had the chance, through studying and training opportunities, to live abroad, interact with people from all over the world, exchange views and ideas with them and open my mind. I love learning foreign languages ​​and my hobby is traveling. My passion for traveling and volunteering made me realise that those two things can be anytime combined. The result of this combination was the H-Ug Project in Uganda during the summer of 2016 that aimed to support local communities and to empower the Youth through education.

Our new project is the result of people who share the same dream and want to contribute to this world with a meaningful way. I believe in the team, the passion and the power of education