Moving forward to Togo

After a long journey from the East to the West of Africa, after passing from four countries in 24 hours, and one night in Accra, finally on the 6th of February WE AfriHug team arrived to the next destination of the project: the capital Togo, Lomé.

Béné Agbeko, President of the NGO ACET and Ambassador for WE AfriHug project in Togo, welcomed the team at the border Aflao between Ghana and Togo. The interaction with Béné has been very interesting, since his association aims at the empowerment of the youth through non-formal education. Excited to join forces and work together, the team visited two High-schools, in order to meet the Directors and arrange the non-formal education training seminars. The first school was the “Collège et Lycée Essor”. The Director of the school welcomed and facilitated the arrangements for the training the following days.

On 7th in the morning, WE AfriHug team also met the Director of the “Lycée d’Enseignement Technique et Professionnel”, a big High-school that hosts more than 3000 students and offers different kind of technical specializations. After discussions, the last details for the training have been arranged. Afterwards, WE AfriHug team headed to “Collège et Lycée Essor” for the implementation of the first day of the training. 62 students participated and have been extremely active and enthusiastic towards this new learning approach and experience.

The day after, WE AfriHug team met the students of both schools in the morning and in the afternoon. In “Collège et Lycée Essor” the team proceeded with the activities, finalizing the two-day session and proceeding with the closing ceremony giving the Certificates of Attendance. In “Lycée d’Enseignement Technique et Professionnel”, the first day of the training has been intense and exciting for the 55 participants. On Saturday, 9th of February, it was the very last day of WE AfriHug in Togo implementing the second day in Lycée d’Enseignement Technique et Professionnel”, ending the activities together and giving the well-deserved certificates to the participants.

Visiting these two schools in Togo has been a very interesting experience for the students but also for WE AfriHug team, since the educational system in Togo works with a different way than in other countries. The important fact was that space for expression has been given to students who had the chance to reflect on their experience but also to identify their strengths and weaknesses.