Training Seminar about 21st Century Skills at Tamale, 600 km. north of Accra in Ghana

One of the skills of members of our teams is adaptability, trying to grab opportunities where is possible and trying to implement more activities, that is why we decided to extend our visit in the town of Tamale and organize another Training Seminar about Skills Needed for the 21st Century in a secondary school of the local community.

After our successful participation in the STEP Forward project, we decided to stay more days in the beautiful town of Tamale and organize 3-day Non-formal Education Training Seminar for the 21st Century Skills at the Northern School of Business (Nobisco) in Tamale in cooperation with their local partner, the NGO Sedarvp Ghana.

Northern School of Business has almost 3.000 students and is located close to the city centre of Tamale. Choosing our target group of 25 students, we headed to the school on 11th of May 2018. We entered the classroom to face students waiting for us and curious about this Training Seminar, wondering who we are, where do we come from and what is this Training Seminar all about. After all these Training Seminars we have conducted in Secondary Schools we have noticed that the attitude of all the students during the first day is more or less the same, stressed and shy to talk with us, anxious if they will make it in this Training, even thinking that they will also have exams at the end of the Training!

The first day, we wanted to meet them closer, get to know their expectations and fears for these 3 days in order to meet their expectations and try all together to overcome their fears. Gaining leadership & public speaking skills, encouragement and motivation were some of their expectations for the Training while their fears were related to failure and disappointment.

During the second day, we tried to adapt all the activities according to the expectations stated the previous day, keeping in mind their fears. Leadership, public speaking, teamwork and collaboration were the main focus of the day. We could see how open the students they were becoming slowly, expressing their opinion and point of view. We had interesting discussions on significant topics such as teenage pregnancy, corruption, environmental protection and leadership, controversial issues for them. It was so interesting for us to express their opinion on those topics and have a fruitful discussion.

During the third and last day, we focused on debate, the art of persuading and public speaking skills. After a successful 3-day Training, all the students received their certificates, being happy for this kind of reward.

Promised to keep in mind all our advices and spread the word about the lessons learnt, they all lead us to the main gate of the school and said goodbye!